confidential psychological counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples


Counselling BristolMeetings are held at 163 Cheltenham Road, Bristol.

Sessions for individuals are fifty minutes. The cost is £45.00 per session. Couples sessions cost £55 and are a full hour.

The fee is payable by cash or cheque at the beginning or end of each session. Payment by bank transfer is possible after the first two sessions. Monthly invoicing is available to companies funding employee counselling.

There is a high degree of confidentiality. Although there are usually one or two other people in the building, every effort is made to ensure that meeting anyone other than the therapist is avoided. The consulting room is private, no interruptions are allowed. There is no receptionist and no waiting.

Confidentiality. I do not disclose that you are attending counselling to anyone, nor do I discuss anything which has been discussed in sessions with anyone, including official agencies of any kind, your relatives, doctor or anyone else unless you clearly state that this is what you wish. An exception to this is ‘supervision’, where I discuss clients with a professional colleague. Only first names are used in supervision, and the same confidentiality rules apply.

I may be obliged to break confidentiality in certain serious cases. This would be mainly if it were to be revealed to me that anyone, particularly a child or other vulnerable or unprotected person, were in danger, or being harmed in any way and no official body was aware of this. Please contact me if you need further clarification before beginnning.

Please note that the full fee is payable if a session is missed without 24 hours notice. Beginning therapy implies agreement with this. Please give as much notice as possible of any breaks or holidays.

I am happy to answer any questions by email at First sessions can be booked by email.