confidential psychological counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples


Please note that I am not taking on any new couples until further notice.


Work with couples involves the attempt to foster communication and understanding between you. We will look at the way each persons actions, behaviours and feelings affect your relationship, and attempt to understand the roots of them. This will involve discussing your ideas and assumptions about relationships, your expectations, and where all of these come from in your past. Many of these ideas are assumed, taken for granted, and may have never have been thought about before. Many people find this challenging.

An attempt is made to give each person an equal say. Having said this, however, we may look in more depth at why one person is acting in a certain way, if it seems this is the most fruitful direction to go in, and if it seems that it would increase understanding for the other person.

Finding ways through problems is usually the aim of couples therapy, but not always: separation may be the option you choose, or have already chosen. In this case we would try to find ways of negotiating a separation with the least distress.