confidential psychological counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples


Therapy involves a series of confidential conversations with firm boundaries. It involves an interaction: it’s not not an information giving process in the sense of a teaching and learning course. Over a period of time the chances are that you will come to see yourself differently as a result of this series of specialised conversations about yourself.

The main part of my role as a counsellor and psychotherapist is an attempt to understand how you see things, to enter into your point of view, while at the same time retaining some objectivity. This attempt at understanding your view takes into account all that has happened you, and how this has contributed to what you are like now. You are listened to fully without being judged . This is difficult for some people to believe, especially if they’ve become used to judging themselves harshly.  Being listened to and feeling understood is often therapeutic and relieving in itself.

I may be able to offer alternative interpretations and different ways of seeing how you are.  It may be that once you see why you are acting or feeling as you do, then you may be able to replace your feelings with other, more positive ones, and develop a different, more acceptable view of yourself.